I decided to host an internal AMA within our company, requesting my team to Ask Me Anything and I would answer their questions live, unfiltered on video stream.

Mike Boyd

managing director
& group ceo
of VroomVroomVroom


The #CEOAMA started as an idea inspired by public AMA’s on Reddit. I was always on the look for new ways to engage our remote team and bridge the distance between us.

What I’ve found is that the major benefits of open communication is often not in filling the void of “What’s going on?” but more the subtleties of Why, How and Who?

The #CEOAMA is my opportunity to understand what’s important to the team, where knowledge gaps or assumptions lie and how I can do better as a leader in providing the necessary resources and direction.

what is

ask me

Questions are asked on the company’s #ama slack channel. They are shared, discussed, and upvoted internally. Anyone within the company is welcome to participate.


during a #CEOAMA

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Want to learn more about #CEOAMA?

What #CEOAMA really does is provide incredible feedback to me, the CEO, on how well we’re doing in maintaining our culture, sharing our DNA and training new recruits in our core business.

Thinking of hosting YOUR own #CEOAMA? Here are a couple of reasons why we do it.

What started as a simple experiment has grown into a core tenet of our DNA — Transparency. A powerful tool that once discovered we wondered how we ever operated without it.


Fosters Open

Promotes Adhocracy